It is the personal relationship that is essential for success

Hi welcome to my page my name is Niels-Jørgen or in short NJ.


I have found that it is the personal relationship that is essential for success here in life and it has become a key element in my life.


Lifelong learning has become my lifestyle since I have a desire for personal and professional growth. This has occurred as an interaction between education and jobs where qualifications are transformed into competences. Technology has always been my focal point in my interests, lately my focus has been on leadership combined with human relations which has been an eye opener for me.


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I am person who love to sail, and for some reason I have an old sailboat that I would like to bring back to it glories time when it was born in 1965…


The ship is ongoing in it restoring.


There have been so many times when I have giving up on this ship, but for some reason which I can not explain I just keep on spending time and money on it.




When I am not building on my boat I also sail occasionally, here is a video from a sailing trip which I did when I was living in Sønderborg.


Since my boat is not ready yet for sailing it is not that often than I am sailing at the moment, back in Sønderborg I was a part of the sailing school because it was a good way to get some sailing hours, and it also gives a good social life.

I like making pictures and have a passion for photography, and after taking a lot of pictures I have success in making pictures worthy to be printed and placed at the wall…


If you like them aswell you are welcome to buy one for your wall, contact me and we will find a good price. On the printed pictures my name will ofcause not be with my name.


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